I want to Break the ice between us

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    So on Christmas day i got a message from a guy on a dating site when had been visiting my profile a lot 2 weeks before and i let him make contact with me. We hit it off instantly by getting to know each other and this lead to adding each other on Facebook, Skype we thought it was best to video chat before we decided to meet to see if we would want to. We video chatted from 9pm to 4am just about random stuff then he would text me all the time and panic if i didn't answer quick enough. But i wasn't 100% honest with him which i regret about my social anxiety and dealt with it when we met i hardly spoke to him and there was awkward silences but i felt something for him we held hands and kissed.

    We saw a movie and went to Nandos we talked a little bit we agreed to meet again and we did i tried my best with my anxiety but it beat me again and i just felt like i was not in an environment where i could talk to him properly. We went to a shopping mall. Then he told me he had been used to being single for over a year and a culture shock of getting back into the right mindset to start a relationship but he would try for us. I didn't mind how long it would take him as long as he would take his time. But he rushed into it and tried and tried.

    I accidentally betrayed his trust without knowing it even when i was honest with him and it was over something stupid. He told me and i said sorry and meant it i still feel guilty... he then told me he didn't think it was working for us He then opened to me about having anxiety/depression and he had been feeling like this for few weeks after i last saw him i told him i would support him either way and i was true to my word he said thanks then he told me he doesn't feel we get on that well in person.. I said it's not that and that would he meet me again and discuss different topics he replied with maybe. He also told me he had an anxiety attack because of my Facebook Status about me worried about him and he felt guilty spending time with his friends because of it but i thought he was travelling to Scotland and the weather was bad so that's my fault again. I sent him 'Here is a -hug- if you need one' on Thursday he saw the message but never replied I haven't talked properly to him since Wednesday and that was about the relationship etc.

    I miss him a lot and really feel i've messed up with him i feel connected to him even if i didn't make much contact with him. I haven't felt so happy in a long time with someone i really want to start over but i don't know what to do weather i should let him make the first move or if i should and if i do what to say to him? I've been told not to give up on him because i still have feelings i genuinely feel his depression was talking when he said he didn't think it would work with us. I still don't know what to do for valentine's weather to send a card or not. I've also deactivated my Facebook to get away for a bit but that might of been a bad idea as his anxiety might get worse he might think i've blocked him but i feel down about this because i believe we can be good friends and then turn into something more after a while but i'm scared to talk to him just in case he will just ignore my message and also rejection...
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    Sorry, I do not think this is anything anyone can help you with; it is something you have to come to terms with on your own, over time. Besides, you should not listen to what someone tells you on this, all that matters is what yu feel most strongy to guide your way.