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i want to commit a suicide

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My life is full of troubles
Suiciding is the best solution
I will jump
I actually did it,
i jumped from the tenth floor

It`s the ninth floor

they are the happiest couples in the building

(they are fighting!)

so they are not really happy?

it`s the Eighth Floor

isn`t he the happiest guy in the building?

he`s crying!
he`s really crying, why?

It`s the Seventh floor

isn`t she the most active woman in the building?
what is she doing?
what`s that pale face?
what are all these medicines?
she looks really sick

It`s the Sixth floor
isn`t that our neighbour the engineer

who graduated 5 years ago?

he`s still searching for a job!

seven newspapers aday?

it`s the fifth floor
he`s the old man neighbour
he`s still waiting for his sons & daughters to visit him
he looks really sad

it`s the fourth floor
isn`t she our pretty neighbour?
she`s looking at her husband`s photo who died 3years ago
& she`s still crying for him!

before i Jumped

i thought that i`m the most miserable person in the building

but now i realised that each person has his own troubles

after this i realized that my troubles are nothing at all

the people i saw , are looking at me right now

if each one of us thought about the troubles of others

he would be happy
& thanked his lord for what he or she has


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Wow, that was a good and insightful poem. I agree with you, we need to be helping others and thankful to God for what we have. There are so many who suffer as badly or worse than we do. I am sure that being in the Sudan you know that, especially considering the situation in the South and Darfur.

At the same time we should not be judging and condemning people who are depressed and thinking of suicide, but we should be there to show them love and help them make the decision to live.

Cristo Vive!
- Tomasz
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