I want to cut myself

Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by Lindy T, Nov 29, 2007.

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  1. Lindy T

    Lindy T New Member

    I've been self harming for over 10 years now but it's never been as bad as it is now. I haven't cut in a few days but i really feel like I need to now. My heads full of horrible thoughts of myself and I can't get the thought of cutting out of my head. It's like an addiction I feel like I have to do it to feel better. I've got scars all over my arm's and legs that ashame me but also make me feel proud like I can achieve something. I've had a bad, dark day like the rest in my life. I can see the razor and I want to cut hard and deep. I feel scared and alone.
  2. kath

    kath Well-Known Member

    Lindy welcome to the forum and it is good to meet you.Thank you for sharing how your feeling at such a difficult time.im here if you would like someone to talk to whilst you are trying to get through this and i think you are brave for trying to reach out.

    I have a history of self harm though havent cut in quite a long time now [i do other stuff at the moment] but feel the temptation to go back to it sometimes.i know how hard it can be to resist.im sorry you have all these bad and horrible thoughts in your head.Is there anything you can do to distract yourself from how your feeling?Any activity which distracts you,makes you feel safer?

    Please try and stay safe as you get through this and remember hopefully there will be times again when you wont feel so bad - also you can keep talking to me/us right now if you want to and also remember your welcome back anytime!

    There are lots of helpful people here and i think many who will relate to you too.
  3. twilightki

    twilightki Well-Known Member

    Don't do it. The more you think about the razor, the cuts, the more you will want to do it. Take the razor and put it someplace out of site. Or, if possible, throw it away. Lay down and clear your mind. The bad feelings will pass. Trust me.

    This little act can have great meaning in your life. Knowing that you had an extreme desire to cut yourself, and consciously deciding not to do it, this can give you a great feeling of pride. Or maybe that feeling of accomplishment you needed. "I survived". That thought alone can save you.

    Be strong.
  4. First, I just wanna say, I was a little freaked out when I saw your name- my best friend is named Lindy. : )
    Now, being serious, I self harm too. I haven't been doing it for as long as you have, but sometimes it helps to just have someone to talk to. I'll get so lonely sometimes, feeling worthless; and self harming will make me feel better. There's a chat room on this site, that can really help with that, if that's how you're feeling. Everyone there will be understanding and try to help you through this tough time.
    I'm also here a lot, if you ever feel like the chat room is too crowded.

    I wish I could say something to make you feel immediately better, but just know that it's not always gonna be this bad.
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