I WANT to Die and I hate life

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by KPT monster, Jul 2, 2007.

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  1. KPT monster

    KPT monster Member

    First of all I dont want to live anymore and hopefully by the time anyone reads this i will be dead. I posted on here b4 that I was going to kill myself but i never did. Now I am serious and i cannot wait to die. I hate living, I am kinda young and I hate my parents and my whole family. I have tried to kill myself before by overdosing and i just made myself sick and i failed at that too. But now im gonna kill my self for real and i cannot wait to leave. I hate everyone in this damn world and i dont care about anyone since no one cared about me. Im posting this just to let out everything and share my situaton. I cannot sit hee and type everything out because it would be way to long. I dont care weather my parents know im gonna die or not and I sure as heck dont care who knows. I am in physical and mental pain all e time but when i tell people they dont care they dont take me to the docetor or anything and it builds up to the point it is now. I dont care about any living thing becuase no one cared about me. I am not waiting til im an old man to die im gonna die now and for once in my whole life I will finally be happy
  2. Unfortunately no one knows whether you are goin to be "happy" in the afterlife. Just chimimng in for no reason.
  3. Random

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    Well, I really hope you're still out there.

    You know - you can't be happy if you're dead. It's the little thing about suicide that nobody really ever thinks about. Death is nonexistence. You can't be happy if you don't exist. Death isn't an escape. You have to be alive to have escaped.

    Imagine you were in prison and you wanted to escape. It wouldn't do you any good to escape if you died in the process, would it?

    You should want to escape from the prison of depression. But you want to be alive to enjoy your freedom, don't you?
  4. White Dove

    White Dove Well-Known Member

    he is okay ...

    he sent me a pm to tell me that after viewing those flash movies i posted in the soap box it made him change his mind about killing himself. he said he viewed both of them and it changed his mind. They are powerful indeed and i am glad that he is okay for now...

    if you want to see his pm from me just let me know and i will forward it to you just after i ask him if it is okay to do so cause he wrote it to me and i would need his permission to post it to you first but he is okay for now ( as far as i know he is ) at least that is what he told me...
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