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I want to die, but im afride

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Last weekend someone i was with for last 7 years said to me that he doesn't see any future of this realtionchip and that its over.

I just cant cope with the pain anymore I WANT TO DIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

And the whorse thing is that im to afride of killing myselfe.

Im a faliure. I cant even emd my life.
I despise mysefe.


Hi there, I know what it feels like to despise yourself and I know how it drives us to believe that we must be failures but I'm sure if I got to know you I'd soon learn alot about your positive qualities :) Sometimes it's just too hard for us to see the good in ourselves.

If you ever need someone to chat to just pm me here :) I'm a bit slow but I get around to things eventually :)
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