I want to die

Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by Cassidy, Apr 2, 2007.

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  1. Cassidy

    Cassidy Guest

    I have been walking around with this feeling for some years now and I just can't get rid of it. It won't go away. It's like it's not meant to be for me to ever feel even just okay.

    I have given up, I don't want to fight anymore and I don't even want to live anymore.

    I can't tell anyone, because people would be hurt. But I have my mind set on this. I just can't walk with this on my own. I needed to say it to someone, which is why I'm posting here after having found this forum via Google.

    I'm sorry if this post offends anyone, I just had to tell someone.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.

  2. Marshmallow

    Marshmallow Staff Alumni

    I found SF the same way you have. Many people who have come here say they have set their mind on this and they are still around today.

    How about joining us? come and talk to us and let us try help. We're offering you a place that will listen and do our best to help.

    Your post didn't offend me and i doubt will offend anyone. I do hope you decide to join.

    Please take care :hug:
  3. resistance

    resistance Staff Alumni

    Hey Cassie, welcome to SF. I'm glad you found us and don't worry, your post didn't offend me either, I'm glad you posted.

    I understand you don't want to tell anyone because they would be hurt, but don't you think they'd be more hurt to find out that you killed yourself and you didn't tell them how much pain you were in? We get people posting who has lost a relative or a close friend and they had no idea that they were feeling suicidal until it was too late and they wished their friend/relative had told them. Do you have a good friend or a close relative you can confide in? They may be upset and maybe worried but at the end of the day I'm sure they'd be glad you confided in them, and you'd feel a relief, too.

    You deserve support, and if you can't talk to a friend/relative, how about a doctor? It can stay confidential.

    Please don't give up, give us a go. SF is a great place for support and you can make friendships, too. Please feel free to register and if you do, you're welcome to PM me anytime.

    Take care of yourself. :hug:
  4. I Miss You

    I Miss You Guest

    hi Cassie..hun i know that you are hurting inside..i just want you to know that i am always here for you no matter what..you are not alone...

    if you have MSN..my email address is:


    thinking of you
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