I want to die...

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  1. Hurted

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    Since i remember i felt uncomfortable in my body. I sometimes cant beleive that its really me when i see myself in mirror...i am so ugly... Like its not enough that im ugly, that i dont have many friends, that i am not normal, i must have depression, social fobia, OCD and other disorders. Its just not fair. I want to be like other 17 year old teens. What have i done wrong in to be this? This thing... I mean since i am 5 years old i am so different than anyone else.... I feel so uncomfortable in my body, it is scaring me... I feel like something is wrong with my thinking, i dont think i am normal, the way i think, i just dont know why, but i know it isnt...
  2. Shauna Lea

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    You have done nothing wrong; the reality is that life isn't always fair. Sometimes it the best people that the worst things happen to and we don't always have control over things. Focus on what you can control, if you don't like the way you look do little things to improve it - get a haair cut, buy some new clothes. Anything to break this pattern that your in, sounds like it's a downward spiral.

    You don't have to be like other teens to be cool, to be happy or to live a fullfilling life. Honour yourself by being you and nobody else. If people don't like it, they aren't worth a moment of your time.

    Take care! :smile:

  3. Hurted

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    Thanks for kind words:)
  4. Upside-down circle

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    Well I'm pretty close to your age so I understand what your going through, my idea on this problem and ones similar to it is basically that I think your "image" and how others see you depends on how you see yourself. I understand that you may have problems about your appearance but what I would at least try to do even if i had already is to view myself as a stronger person to make myself more comfortable. And if there was something I wanted I would focus on it and not give up on the task that I want to complete.

    I dunno if that helps I mean its up to you if you read it or cared at all but if you did or wanted to talk or something you could pm me it doesnt matter