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i want to die

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i want to die because i dont want anyone to get hurt. i dont want my parents know im suicidal because my father have a psoriasis. my friends online have their own life. i know they are there for me but they cant always help me.

i want them to be happy & not feel this emotion at the same time.

i need someone to talk :(


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I think people would hurt more were you not here...please tell us what is going on for you now and how ppl can support you....there are ppl here who will understand and care...J


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I can relate to your situation... Whether you realise it or not, there is always someone there for you. It might be the person you least expect. By not telling anyone, and by taking your own life, you'll create a void that will hurt everyone. It'll hurt them much more than it will by not telling them. Let them be happy, by accepting their help and smiling for them again. Thats all the medicine they will ever ask for.

Stay strong :)
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