I want to die

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I want to commit suicide i know that now, i am fed up with life and living, i know that there is no point being here.
I have a very low pain threshold though but have realised that for a few seconds of pain i will have succeeded in my decision.
I cant get hold of any pills, so i have decided to do one of two things, i will either <mod edit jenny - methods> or <mod edit jenny - methods>.

I just cant go on any more
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yes you can go on...whats making you feel like this. there is always a light at the end of the tunnel....if you need to talk im always here. whats making you feel like this
what is making me feel like this speedy? well the list is far too long to put on here. i'm sooo fed up with life, being single, being treated like a twat by past boyfriends and people who pretend to be my friends.
i have got to that point of no return.
there's a light at the end of the tunnel is there? well i cant see it and never will, as far as i'm concerned, the bulb has permenatly blown
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