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I want to end my life but one thing stops me.

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I am scared if i survive my suicide i may end up a vegetable in a wheel chair brain dead, then were would i be, wont have many options then will i? only for this factor i would end my life in a second.
I should also point out that a lot of people survive suicide attempts, even the ones who try to blow there brains out with a shot gun i.e. it is possible to miss your brain entirely, and just blow off your face instead because of hesitation and jerking of the gun Bullet can miss vital parts in skull, deflect off skull, end result brain damage and no face left.
Even jumping in front of trains Depending on your timing & speed of train the blow from the train would probably just break your spine (& cripple you) as high speed trains need a kilometre to stop, if your lucky you could die of a slow agonising death instead.
The two examples above apply to any kind of suicide attempt whether you take pills or try blow your brains out, the possibility is always there of surviving your suicide attempt.
So think twice before attempting suicide, as i say only for these facts i would have ended my life a long time ago.


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there was a brilliant article(well just written up from somone), with why not to kill yourself. It tld you how each method wasn't full proof, and how you could easily end up. I t is forever lost to me now.
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