I want to get out of here...but for an absurd reason.

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by MadTown, Nov 4, 2013.

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  1. MadTown

    MadTown Member

    The reason I posted it here is because I am at my height of anxiousness at this point all over.

    My question to anyone out there is what is the longest time you've had an earworm for? Currently, if you saw my other post about my latest earworm, mine is intermittently for 1 year. But, now it's here to stay and not going anywhere this time. Causing me extreme distress, anxiety, sleepless nights, cognitive decline, and even some weight loss. It has literally buried itself into my head and will not leave...staying in my head and thoughts even when I'm distracting myself from it. I don't want to live like this anymore. I'm sorry for my posting, but I just want to know if anyone else has had this problem.

    I was told to go to my doctor about it. But, what are they gonna do? Prescribe me anti-anxiety medication, anti-depressants, or something else that might not even work? I apologize again if I offend anyone, but the song is not going anywhere no matter what I do. My brain will never get rid of it, and I'll be stuck with it the rest of my life.

    So again with my question, what's the longest you have had a SINGLE song stuck in your head...not a plethora of songs, but one single song?
    I just want to end it all, because that's the only guaranteed way I can escape this hellish nightmare. :Cry:

    I know this is a stupid reason, but no one knows how I feel...and I swear this isn't a joke at all...please believe me.
  2. JmpMster

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    Me personally I just play other music for a day or two but clearly is not so simple for you and that would suck. The one thing i will say is you say you know it is never going to go away .... that level of conviction aside from relying on you being able to tell the future is certainly not going to make it easier to go away....
  3. MadTown

    MadTown Member

    While I appreciate the response, I'm still unsure as to why it is happening. Are you saying that the reason it isn't going away is because I keep telling myself it won't?

    Because last night I was about to end it... [**Moderator Edit: Removed Method**]. I just like that whoever I tell this to, looks at me like I'm crazy. I even told my sister about what happens to me and she said "oh that's not good." But I can't control this!
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  4. Acy

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    Apparently, if we can hum/sing about four bars of something else, it can get the first song out of our heads. It's worked for me, but I learned that I should find a song I like because the one I sang started floating around in my head for a while.

    I hope you find a solution that works for you. :)
  5. MadTown

    MadTown Member

    I asked my dad about it, and all he said was "I don't know what to tell you, I've never had that happen to me." I'm trying everything, but nothing is working. I decided to go to the doctor on Wednesday and hope they can offer me something to help. Whether it be Lexapro or something else. I was also reading into drug-induced amnesia...and if nothing can else can help me, then that is my only option...otherwise I'll have to choose the permanent solution. :frown:
  6. JmpMster

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    I do not think you are crazy at all - you have an issue that is seriously effecting your quality of life. So far as if it won't go away because you think it won't = I sincerely believe in the concept of self fulfilling prophesies - what we decide the end result will be is the end result more often than not....
  7. MadTown

    MadTown Member

    I keep trying to get other information on this, but almost no one else has had a song like this in their head as long as I have. And if they have, it stays there...going nowhere. And if that's the case, then why should I still be alive if all I will be is miserable. I wouldn't be so upset if it were different songs, but it's not. I hate this, I want to end this once and for all. Yeah, I may be a coward for saying that, but I find that completely rational. It's just a shame that it's about something like an earworm.
  8. JmpMster

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    When I googled to find the link i shared above there were actually a lot of things available about it and it seems it is not as uncommon to be this disturbing as you believe...... have you googled and read through the many articles on it?
  9. MadTown

    MadTown Member

    I have, but a lot of people say it's numerous songs...but mine is just the one song. If it was many other songs it wouldn't bother me so much. No one else has had the same song stuck in their head for this long, but they have had numerous other songs constantly playing in their heads. I just worry that if I go to the doctors, then it won't go away.
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