I want to get paid for working

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    I'm aggravated.
    Was supposed to get paid this week and the boss who does the payroll is letting it slide into next week. So he gets another free week from at least me since he only pays for two weeks at a time and this past week marked a pay week. This is the second time in three months he has done this so I know he will never catch up. I got bills to pay!

    I am looking for a larger company but I can't complain about not getting paid to prospective employers - they wouldn't understand. I just mutter something about looking for a change in position. And they complain I've only been at my company a year.

    I'm running scared because next month the boss is leaving for four weeks and I need the money to make it through the four weeks. Hopefully then we'll get paid for the 4 weeks. I'm not living paycheck to paycheck but pretty darn close.

    It beats unemployment but not by much.

    Thanks for listening.
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    You certainly can use the as a reason for looking for new job is that current employer misses payroll - I can think of no better reason in the world to present when asked why you are looking for a different job than that current employer does not pay or does not pay on time.... That is not complaining it is the whole reason why people work is to get paid and anybody will understand that.