i want to help my little sister

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well she's not really my little sister, she's my sister's best friend, but i watched them grow up together so she's like a sister to me.

anyway. she's a cutter, but that is not what i want to help her with. she thinks she might be anorexic or bulimic. she never eats and when she does she throws up. she's always saying she's fat *she's like a size 8-10* and everytime i say something to her she just blows it off.....what should i do?


I would just keep telling her that she is not fat and that she is beautiful, inside and out. Other than encouraging her to get help, that would be the best thing you could do. She might be a bit shy or ashamed of this, so that could be why she always dismisses your concern. You could write down your feelings in letter, expressing your concern and encouring her to seek help, because you care about her. You could also get you sister to talk to her-she might listen to her best friend better. Anyway, I hope I have helped a little bit. Good luck, and I hope that your friend gets better.
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