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I want to pass along some things that's helping me:

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Ediciussievol, Oct 30, 2008.

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  1. Ediciussievol

    Ediciussievol Well-Known Member

    I am and have been dealing with feelings (as most of us here are, and I love you for that) of fear, extremely low self-worth, worry, and despair. I've been getting better I think because I rebound quicker than when I first got here. For instance I am learning to come back to a neutral state from these feelings quicker, rather than staying in a suicidal place for days at a time.

    I think one key to beginning to get better was understanding what I was going through... the emptiness, the feeling that God wasn't there for me.

    I've come to know what I was going through as the "dark night of the soul".

    There is much written about this phenomena on the web.

    I've found in my time of researching there's a good video that explains a little of what has happened to me and to those who may be experiencing this:


    After understanding a little bit of what I was going through, I kind of embarked on my own quest for self-healing.

    Some things that seem to be working for me... gotta keep practicing them for them to begin helping, ok?

    One technique is called the "balancing technique" which has many other applications than the one I am sharing. They're on youtube as well.

    If you're wanting to feel safe and protected, here's what I use:

    (A note here, if there was NEVER a time that you felt safe or protected, then the author gives this advice:

    "Imagine one instead, it's important that you feel 'safe & protected' for the moment in time while you're balancing. Just imagine what it would feel like... just try feeling good in anyway you can... keep practicing a few times everyday for a few weeks and all will be well!")


    Another technique I've been trying is EFT (which uses points on the body to help "overwrite" bad feelings and memories... negative beliefs about one's self). I have been having some success, but since I have ADD, it's hard to keep on track. But, I'm pretty persistant about wanting to feel better for once in my life, so I'm keeping up with it. I'd like to share this with you, too.

    There are other resources on youtube, and it's all free of course.

    I'm sharing this because I feel that most people in crisis often have multiple problems like health, money, love, etc. (at least I have) and this fellow does a good job of addressing those points with this exercise as well, in my opinion.

    Frankly, all these types of problems could be characterized as a lack of abundance, as lack is the opposite of abundance, including lack of good feelings about one's self.

    Also, in order to attract a healthy love, you must love yourself in a healthy way. You CAN learn to do this. I am, and I haven't been able to up to this point my whole life. If I can, YOU can.

    Also, I've always felt erroneously that I could kill that which was broken inside. It turns out that this is simply a part of myself that is trying the best it can, but of course was not helping. In order to fix what is broken, one must "relearn".

    This 1st Video explains a little about it:


    This 2nd Video is the technique:

    (Perform it 2x a day, once in the morning, once before bed for 30 days)


    I hope this finds those who need it, and I do so hope that you can experience some relief.

    I battle with things still, but I am learning, and so I want to share what I have learned to those I care about. I suffer. You suffer. Despair is a universal emotion, regardless of circumstance. You are my family, in a way.

    Also, I now find that I feel God more than I ever did. I have "moments" where I do feel His love for me and I really never did at any time before my bouts with suicide. I believe that what I experienced was necessary in order to strip myself of what I was not, in order to discover who I truly was.

    I have always had a dear wish to feel close to God, and at least I got what I asked for in time. I do hope that I will grow in this feeling. I like it.

    I love you all. :cuddle2:
  2. fromthatshow

    fromthatshow Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    Yes I think a lot of us here are going through the dark night of the soul.
    I'm now seeing how much I am afraid of God, and how irrational that is.
    Glad that you're beggining to see :)
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