I want to smash something

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    Yeah .. i gotta control this shit. Not let people and things get the better of me. I have to shut out certain things.. too bad some people know what buttons to press with their own emotinal fucked up problems that are apparently all my fault. Well to be fair.. I suppose it is in some way.

    Drives me nuts. Bad feeling wanting to express some violent aspect just to feel alive and me..
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    Aww are you reading now? Go fuck yourself leeanne
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    You know what the worst thing is. When you get into arguments, and then come to vent on here. But that same person decides 12 hours+ later to come on here and read all your posts and then have a go at you.
    Great. Keep it up tool ignorant fuck face. No seriously, keep it up. I thought you'd learn from the series of last times we had arguments and you spied all over my posts. but noooo you gotta know and get ammo for your next assualt. Do you honestly think you deserve to know how I feel after your stupid shit? Give me a break.. hey bitch, some might call that an invasion into someones personal space. Maybe pushing it to go as mind rape? Considering how you use that info to get yourself all wond up and then come at me spouting about 10 minutes none stop of something which I had to ignore and look at pictures of BC because it was the only thing that was nice in that particular moment. Im tired of you and your useless bullshit. Go fuck yourself. Next time you dig your nails in my face I will actually GO for you. I have never truly gone for you, I merely go enough to warn you. I WILL go for you and I will put you down. I will not touch you again, but if you ever go that far again and make my face bleed like it is I will respond.
    You can fuck my head up and emotions up like you have done all this time, but I will not stand for your justifications to keep pushing things. You are like a jack in the box. You think when we got into a pushing match I tried to push you down the stairs? Are you kidding me? If I wanted to, you'd be down those stairs and dead because that's the implication of that you fuck nut. Firstly you think I want to kill you, which is fucked, secondly you can't analize ANY sitution realistically. you're like a child in a riot who spews a completely different story after the fact because your emotions are so hyper intensed you cant remember which fucking hand did what in relation to anything. Shut up.. go piss up another tree Im angry today and i dont want to talk to you. Do you think ki really want to with these fucking bleed marks on my face? You think I deserve it? I pushed you to get away from me because you were snapping in my face and emotionally attacking me because apparently Ive wasted your life because you've been waiting for me to Drive our life. And you can't plan fuck all because you dont know if it includes me or not? So I NEED to tell you plans before you can formulate anything you want to do bcause everything you want to do is so fucking generic? Babe.. they call that rideing someones wake. Im no example, I can barely find a reason to breath fresh air. But you? You need to wake up.
    Oh but no. Commense lies and bullshit and the ultimate TWIST.
    You're the master at that... I salute you.
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    lol this is great

    Guess what she's doing. She's now ripping me apart, and reading out to me my posts.

    People of allages
    I present to you, how your emotional reactions, destroy peoples emotional feelings.
    whatever, Ill live with it. But for reference. Please do not ever do that. It does not make sense

    "You're either going to talk to me or you're going to leave!"
    Oh this is great.

    Now she's lying and saying she tried to run two houses...
    She's lying again
    Confusing me

    Oh great. Now I gotta see her point of view. YAAHHHHH bye bye shem. lol.. Oh here we go

    Lets get one thing straight, she's an idiot. She still thinks.

    Oh this is great, Ive turned her life to shit.

    Now apparently she's been waiting for me for 31/2 years.

    She keeps changing the past and generalising it to suit an argument . Emotional argument. LIES
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