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I want to stop coming here because I want to Conquer Depression.

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total eclipse

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I think we all have had enough of depression for sure Meds have help me some and therapy sometimes depression just seems to be able to kick hard t hat all dam cycle I do hope you can get out and enjoy living more hugs


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Yeah. I want alot of things, alot of it is clarity of who I am and what I want, which brances off dramatically. But yes, in general, Im sick of being truthfully negative.


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i dont want to stop coming here cos i have depression, this site has saved my life, why do you feel if you come here you cant conquer your depression? if i didnt find this place, i would be ashes...but i guess we all get different things. you can conquer your depression here, and then offer support to those in the same place as you. but if you feel you get nothing here and cant give anything then the choice is yours. share your experience and let us understand why you feel you cant conquer your demons with help.

take care :hug:


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I don't have feelings of wanting to get better very frequently. I've kinda gotten used to it ya know? It's what is comfortable to me.

It's a bit sad that after a while, you actually kinda fear happiness. There are fleeting moments where I feel good, but that's probly because someone has sent me a message over the internet, or my life stressors have gone away for a while. It always comes back though. That's why I don't really bother getting all happy over something :dry:.


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I have a few opinions about this. I do believe we can learn how to deal in a healthy way with the depression. Having sad moments is a part of everyones life whether they want to admit it or not, or whether we see it or not. What I've been seeing is for those who don't suffer from continual sadness is just because they don't tend to stay stuck there. They continue to press forward despite their challenges, face them, deal with them and move on.

I have found this site to be very helpful at times. No argument there. It's great that it's here. I'm grateful for this. I also found that when I was coming frequently it more or less gave me a place to wallow too which for me personally wasn't a healthy thing to do. I really don't mean for that to sound as bad as it may, but I'm also not always graceful with my choice of words. I'm trying to work on that.

I believe you can do it :) .

morning rush

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i guess sometimes I see coming on here as a sign of weakness. I want to be stronger than that! I want to be rid of the problem, forever :D
coming here isn't a sign of weakness but strength it shows you want to get out of depression and you're reaching out...at least that is what I think of this place, a place to get better, to talk things through and to get support from people who go through the exact same thing, makes me feel less alone...
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