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I Want To...

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I know exactly how you feel, cortez. You and I? we need to keep this under control. I don't know what you think about, but my thoughts are pretty bad, so I have some idea. Maybe we need to stick together? PM me, If you'd like.


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What was said then is no different to how you feel now. Everyone was more honest then because there were no repercussions to the things that were said. But you still feel the same, it shows in your actions and attitudes, but you wouldn't dare take your mask off and expose yourself, you don't have the courage, the balls to be honest. Do I have to shake it out of you? because I gladly will until I get an answer, I don't have much to lose, not even my sanity. To know that your kind walks this earth, breathes, feels, drives me crazy, the things I would do to you if given the chance, I'd keep you alive just so you could feel it, it's nothing though, you should know, things like these are normalities in certain parts of the world that happen everyday.
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