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I wanted to live but it was too late in my dream

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In my dream i was dying and as i was slipping away i desperately wanted to live. I had killed myself (or at least i assume i had killed myself, it was too confused to know why i was dying) and it was too late to take it back. The feeling of slipping away to nothingness was terrible. Often i have dreamt of terrible things that have happened to me in the future. I'm not joking and they are often too fuzzy for me to understand them until the bad event happens. Sometimes I pay them no notice until the bad thing i dreamt about happens. This dream was the most realistic dream i have ever had, it was still fuzzy and confused but the sensations were very strong. Also unlike most dreams of this kind I have a good idea what it was about.

However in the past when i have had a dream of a bad event and had a very good idea what it was about the bad event has always still happened. The bad event always happens on a impluse decision that i know is wrong but somehow can't stop myself from doing it. Considering this is it now only a matter of time before i kill myself and regret doing it as i die?


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I wouldn't say so. Even though your 'bad event' dreams seem to eventually happen in real life, it doesn't mean that you can't stop them! I guess you're kinda lucky in a way that these dreams warn you beforehand. This one says you'll regret it.. so don't give in to the impulse!! Sweet dreams Andy :hug:!


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Andrew That thing about having gone to far and not being able to take it back. I kno how you feel.
Its happened to me in Real life :sad:
It happend a few years ago now but i tried to kill myself and then had second thoughts, tried to get to the phone to ring 111 but collapsed on the way and cudn't get up again. I was sure i was gonna die and i went unconcious the only reason im still here is because one of my friends showed up and found me lieing on the floor.

Sorry for the Sob Story :smile:
hang in there
From Josh
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