I wanted to slap her *trigger**language*

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    So Last night we went to Angels parents house to pick up some stuff and OMG I wanted to slap his sister. She is a fucking bitch.

    Ok So I am originally from the UK living in USA and she brings up about some scientists in London doing Psych tests for homosexuality and then says its disgusting that all British are such perverts. So I try and tell her that not everyone feels the same way and people don't always have the same opinion. Then the bitch starts calling English people idiots, perverts and disgusting for letting this happen and that their behavior is why America always bails them out. What a Fucking Joke, I always saw it as we have been alliances not rescuers to each other. She then says that no American would ever let that happen to anyone. When I tell her it happens all over the world to lots of people and America too she calls me a liar and goes on about how the world would be better if it was only America with no blacks, Muslims or other 'undesirables'. I was so sickened by her that I wanted to find Angel and leave.

    I pictured slamming her over and over with my fists and I don't even know why I got such violent images i hate violence. i just wanted her to shut her fucking mouth

    At this point I am getting frustrated and wanted to choke her till she was blue (don't worry I didn't and wont actually do it but its nice to envision) and Angel is in the other room getting some of his stuff, why I didn't stay stood right next to him I don't know.

    She then changes the subject and asked if I sang the star spangled banner with my hand over my heart. I told her that when its sung I stand there respectfully but do not sing it or put my hand over my heart as I am British but I do respect the American Flag/anthem/traditions etc. She then told me that I am a free loader trying to get the American prospects and I need to go home to England. Then the Dad, who is a complete fucking asshole jumps into the conversation and tells me I need to go back to my socialist life and leave America. To top this off he has been trying to talk Angel in to moving back home as 'I am ruining his life'. Fuck since we have been together hes off meds(correct diagnosis), got a great job and is laughing on a daily basis.

    Angel hears the end of this and says that we're going.

    I have been so angry all day and now she is all smiles and wants me to take her places this weekend and introduce her to some guys and she doesn't care if they are single. Her and her mother believe that if its not before God it doesn't count. Shit they've tried to tell Angel that he can still play the field and its not cheating. To top it off she wants me to keep the secret that when she got drunk by stealing Vodka from her Mom all she could say was that she wanted to get fucked.

    I want to scream so loud I feel disgusted just knowing her
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    Dont even waste the energy being angry at her. She doesnt deserve it. People like her are so full of themselves that they can t even see how totally ignorant they are. Sounds like even Hitler himself would of been nervous around her (lol). Hun dont play into her game. You get upset she gets exactly what she set out to get. Just smile at her with a glint in your eye and say "when I meet people like you it makes me proud to be British!!!" As for going out, tell her "you may think I'm stupid, but I'm not totally insane. Screw you!!! Oh I'm sorry, I totally forgot, that's what you were begging for last time". Dont let her get to you hun!!!!
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    Carla I needed that you put a smile on my face thank you very much
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    She and Angels dad are definitely not worth wasting any precious breath over. You do not need to feel bad in the least about being in the US. Maybe they should go back to their original roots. :smile: Anyway, do not give them a second thought. You and Angel concentrate on being happy with each other. :hug:
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    I've avoided the house for the past few days and she wants to go out tomorrow so I have *cough cough* said I'm sick. I hate confrontation. I wanted to be so strong the other night and now I cant bear the thought of a disagreement let along argument or fight. Fell like locking myself in a room and not coming out