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    i still remember when i was about 14 years old, it was the summer of 2008, a close friend of mine got into a big fight, my mom & dad were super angry with me for ditching summer school, and i felt really unimportant to the world. i know i was young, i didnt know what to do, but to try and take my life. the thing was, i had no idea how. so i went into the medicine cabinet and just look at least 3-4 pills out of every bottle i found in there... i remember going into my room, sitting on the floor and suddenly began to cry. then i just felt like i couldnt breathe or something and just passed out. i felt like i was out for at least an hour or so. i felt like i was in a dream. i just was in a white place. nothing but pure brightness, but my sister came in & woke me up, well she shook me. i ended up just having to throw up for the next 3 days. i think my body was rejecting all the pills i tried to swallow. anyways... i usually think back on that, i dont know if i died for a minute or so... but all i know is that i had intentions of trying to end my life. this is really anything but my suicide attempt.... soooo...:fatigue:
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    We are pretty fortunate. The body can actually be rather hard to kill. It rejects those pills we swallow, and makes us throw up. I'm glad you are still with us TR93.
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    Yes, thank you for sharing and I'm also very glad that you are still with us. May you always be well and happy TR93.
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