i was bashed

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    I was bashed for 15yearof my life and never forgive him for it and it is my kids father and but I shouldn’t have to go through it and I feel that was my fault for doing that happen to me and I know I shouldn’t have to go through it and I had no one to tell what was wrong getting bashed by my ex boyfriend and I had no friend at that time and was keeping it away from the police about been bashed because he said it is my own fault getting bashed up for 15year of my life and I cannot have our first child when I was bashed in 1995 and by my family was in Australia no one can help me because he will take my son of me then and but I have 3kids with me now.

    I have a beautiful husband look after me and my own kids and I love him all my heart and it was he best friend who was bashed me. Because I told him that I was raped at young age and my ex boyfriend didn’t believe me at all and but my husband believe me that has happen to me. You are the best husband I had in my life and you never hurt me at all we have been together for 1year half now and I hope we will stay together forever.