I was blocked O.O

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    I wrote a nice christmas message and saying I was sending healings and that all was okay, that I understood and sorry for writing so late, and when I pressed the send button it told me that the person was not receiving messages at this time, and so I was shocked. So I thought I will go on the profile and leave a short message just to let that person know that all was good, but I couldn't post there too, and now I see this person active here posting and I realize, omg I got blocked O.O

    I am speechless and sad. I'm not sure how to understand this. I'm really sorry if I've done something bad, but I'm trying to think deeply and I can't seem to find anything, aside that I didn't reply right away to the message. I don't bare ill will to the person but that really hurt, more than I expected. I am thankful to have known that person though and take with me the good.

    Has anyone ever been blocked at one point? how did you feel? Have you ever had to block someone?

    I've had to block someone once, because that person was being abusive to me, calling me names and telling me how I didn't care and how I was never asking about the person which wasn't true at all, but the person was simply getting out their anger at me so I had to block them. I feel bad about blocking that person but I felt my safety was in jeopardy so I had to make a difficult decision.
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    I'm really sorry to hear about that. I wonder if there's a way you can clear it up somehow, or if it's all a big misunderstanding, though I'm not sure how you can get in touch with that person if you were blocked. To my knowledge, I've never been blocked, but I know some people here dislike me. I've had to block a few people, because I've been told rude, abusive, and downright crude things by people who were supposedly friends. I was shocked by that, and I don't get shocked easily. It really sucks when people feel the need to take their anger out on you. It's not right, and it shouldn't happen. This place is supposed to be about support and caring, not the opposite. I'm sorry you're so hurt, but I hope things will start to look up for you soon. :hug:
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    i don't use social netowkring, but yeah i've been blocked on websites before

    1 because i got really angry at the way it was being run, and no one would hear me out... so i eventually snapped, look, if you don't run it with so fairness, i'm taking matters in to my own hands- and that was the end of that

    it was the rules i was unhappy with... i mean, things like, you can only use 1 line in your reply- i mean... come on!

    their were 2 other sites i got banned from, 1 was beause a user of the site was hacking other acounts- so i reported it to the administrator, and i told them... look, it's not on- where's this person getting the passwords to the acounts from anyway?. and i got banned, because in the words of the administrator, " it's out of my hands, stop grassing". i mean, they are an administrator so they should really deal with it

    the other one was a fan website for the group take that- 1 day i just got bored of the fact no one ever posted to the forums, and i went on their and banned myself, really. posted something i knew wouldn't be allowed

    oh, and their was 1 more actually- but this was because of my mania. i was actually a member of this site for a very long time... but during this particular high, i klept sending threats to the admin... and despite explaining afterwards, i got banned
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    If it's on here, it's also possible the person has disabled their visitor messaging and private messaging.
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    internet is a messy place like irl, different way though.
    been blocked and have blocked many times, click, click, click, away we go. it means little

    morning rush, any other way you could get in touch with them and explain?
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    It could be possible that it has nothing to do with you. Perhaps the person just isn't interested in getting personal messages from anyone. Sometimes life gets too frenetic and to slow things down, I'll stay away from the internet. Stop answering email and messages.

    I try not to take anything on the internet very seriously. If someone has blocked me, I don't know about it and probably wouldn't care. I don't let my ego get involved in what happens here. I've blocked some people in the past, not here, mostly because I found them annoying for one reason or another.

    Shrug it off. If this person has an issue, she'll either resolve it or not. No need for you to be unhappy about it.

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