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i was doing fine untill

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my teacher saw my cuts and told my mum and then she told the conceller and whan he asked me whats wrong and when i told him he just laughed i told him that i get these visions and hear voices and he luaghed. fuck bullshit what kind of a counceller is he?

then when my mum came home she laughed at me and told me that im goign mad. she thinks im doing it for no reason.

she told my teacher to next time i talk to her she has permission to tell me to keep doing it . my mom wants me to die. because last time she found out my mom held a knife at my wrist and said " use this next time" " it would be 1 less person to look after" im thinking of running away. i hate living with her she always make sfun of me . the funny thing is every one else thinks shes kind and fun.... HA HA HA AHA AHA AHA AHAHA HA HA HA HA AH AHA HA AHA AHA AHABAHAAHH AHAH AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH......*DIES OF LAUGHTER*

what kind of a support doi have no one exepcet this guy who lives in perth i live in darwin but he helps me over ther phone i love him for that he doesnt laugh at me he feels worried and he 'actully ' helps. i will always love him for that. undersatnding.

ps-whose that gal who has this sig : its good to be heard but better to be understood' ? i like that.
I understand how upsetting it can be to have a councellar be useless but to actually laugh at you. that is disgraceful.

just remember that people here will listen and not laugh.
I hate talking to anyone about parents. People on Earth think all mums and dads are great. If you say that you hate them, they think you must be the cause of the trouble because a parent always looks out for their kid.

Here on Mars though things are different. I would rather have no mum then my mum. I've planned....no.....I can't say. :mellow: :smile: :biggrin: :laugh:


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yeah it does feel like pun'chn them in the balls. i hate seeing him. maybe it would be different if it were a female counceller. maybe donno.
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