I was doing so well

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    And now I'm just not. I had a whole month or so where things were going really well and I was feeling really positive. It's crashing down now and I'm trying so hard to hold on to the positive feelings that I had a week ago. What the hell happened? I was doing better. I felt confident and happy, why did it have to go away? I had hope. Now I don't even have the complacent numbness that my meds used to give. I am back to hurting and feeling hopeless. Even more-so now that I have felt hopeful in recent memory. I am so afraid. I feel so lonely and I keep telling the people around me but it's not changing anything. They acknowledge it but they have their own stuff going on, they just say they're sorry I feel that way and they are here for me, and then they go about their lives. I am not upset with them, I understand. I just wish someone would stop and listen. Really listen. I'm not even sure I have anything to say, but even if they would just sit next to me it would mean so much. I am so scared.
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    I will listen.
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    hey.. i'd say i'm sorry you feel that way.. but i know it's not what you want to hear.. but i do know how you feel.. a really close friend recently found out that i'm self-harming and ever since nothing felt the same before.. she started being distant.. people here told me that she just probably don't know what to do or say to me.. but i still felt abandoned.. people who hasn't been through what happened to us usually don't know what to do.. that's the sad reality.. i'll be here for you i swear.. if you ever want to talk just send me a message or chat with me.. i'll listen.. and i won't be scared away i promise..
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    Sorry is so hard again- life does tend to come with swings one way or another, but sometimes it is not fair how far down and long down those swings are. More important than the fact things are down at the moment though is that you know how to get back uop because you have before. What helped/ worked before? How long ago did you stop taking meds? Having made it though low periods in the past think about what really helped and actively pursue those things to make this downward spiral stop and go the other way.

    Take Care and Stay Safe

    - Ben
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    *sends you a virtual hug* I'm sorry to hear you're struggling.

    Life does have it's up's and downs... though that should not belittle how you feel.
    I see it as a very positive thing that you have recently had a high where you were doing well. Like it's been said already, what helped? What makes you happy?
    Do you have a hobby that keeps you busy, where you produce something? I often find it helps me to pain, draw, write, crochet or colour mandala's even. The lower I am I go for the more 'simpler' things... such as colouring. It keeps me distracted and in the end you get to see you can succeed at producing something pretty.

    Don't give up.