I was emo before there was "emo"

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    I think that's all I had to say. I didn't even know there was an "emo". When a teenager said it to me some time ago, I said "what?" He said, "EEEEMMMOOOO" I said "You mean Elmo?" He said "emo". Okay, I didn't know what language he was speaking. He told me it was an expression people use for their sadness and how they dress.

    I wasn't buying this. I said, "what? You mean depression?" That's what it is. Hell, I was born depressed. Even in my baby pictures, most of them, I'm looking all sad and "emo". In the video from my 7th birthday my mother had recorded, I was so sad, and teary eyed, for apparently no reason in the tape, but I remember feeling left out and being made fun of. I just always seemed sad.

    As a teenager I tried to kill myself twice in virtually the same day, all to failure because of an unexpected intervention. Anyway, I still struggle now as an adult at my quarter-century mark. I was looking at my Facebook profile pictures, which the earliest date back to fall 2006. They're all pictures that I drew (using the MSPaint program) when someone told me to draw one at random, and this was allegedly a time where I thought I was at least emotionally and mentally stable. These are two of them:


    Yeah. And that was when I was seeing someone, and was supposedly content with myself after having a great summer. I remember the guy I was seeing telling me that I'm depressed, and me wondering where he got that idea -- it was because I had become to accustomed to being that way, it didn't even seem abnormal because I don't know what it's like to not be depressed. So even when I think I'm stable, I'm obviously depressed.

    Or "emo" whatever the hell they're calling it these days. Back in my day, we just called it being sad, or "depressed." I'm not hip.
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    Well im glad you explained that one as i did not understand that expression other. Emo how do they come up with these sayings
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    Emo-- 'Emotional'
    ... It was my last year of highschool that I first started hearing people use that term. It's more of a term for a specific type of fashion than anything though.

    I've always been all smiles on the outside and screaming and stabbing myself in the face on the inside. -__-

    What does that make me?
    Oh, right! - CRAZY! :eek:

    I suppose you're something like the cartoon character 'Daria'? That's what I imagine, anyways~ but...I love Daria.
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    Oy yeah, I've heard that term ever since middle school so XP. Target people: People with long bangs, dark makeup, wear black, and wear skinny jeans.

    Which.. you know.. is pretty dumb. They act as if only those people are the depressed. Admitingly I have long bangs, wear dark make up, dark clothing, and often skinny jeans but I've been doing that since sixth grade and I do believe "emo" was coined around the time I was in 8th grade.

    Unfortunately for the people who dress like that, people take it as an opportunity to slam you into lockers and ha-ha over your pathetic existence. I remember just recently, actually, I was crying in a corner over a fight with my lover and some person came up to me and kicked me and said "WHY DON'T YOU CUT YOUR BANGS, EMO KID??".

    What losers =|.

    And the people I hate even more are the people who, once that was a fad, started dressing that way, and slit their wrists lightly so it'll leave a scar and showed it to EVERYONE. People would compare scars as if they were comparing diamond rings. It was disgusting to people who actually DID cut, and not for the attention.

    Haha oops I just went off into a rant. My apologies, it's just a very sensitive subject for me lol.

    In all, I think the "emo" term is bs, it's all about the attention. "Look at me I'm depressed!". My ex best friend was one of those. God I wanted to shove some dynamite down her throat =|.
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    Remember that "emo" is more a fashion trend and a music genre than a mindset. It's about wearing black (and usually undersized) clothes, writing bad poetry, whining about how your parents don't understand you, wrist cutting for attention, etc. Not all (in fact, I'd guess relatively few) depressed people are emo, and vice-versa.

    But people seem to forget that. You could wear baggy tie-dye clothing and listen to the smooth jazz station all day, every day, but the second you express the slightest amount of depression or admit that you once cried about something, I guarantee someone will pipe in and chide you to "CHEER UP EMO KID". This goes double on the internet. That's just the way of things- our culture in general doesn't like outward displays of emotion, especially the more painful ones.