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I was perm banned from TTL

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Just because i let people get to me, then had a panic attack, and then vented about it. I'm at a last right now :(

My side of the story,
I started to talk to a lot of members here through private messages.
A few people that responded start off okay, but seemed to get a bit funny with me.
Other members didn’t bother replying to me whom annoyed me as they would be posting all over the place and even in chat room.
Still continuing, a few members started to hate towards me via private messages, saying my advice was silly and even I took your advice but now it’s blown up in my face, thanks!
On top of this, two guys here thought I was a girl. StrutsUK & Thisisreality. – StrutsUK on chat was trying to get me to go to another chat room & evening asking for a picture of myself. Thisisrealty, assumed I was a girl as I had pink writing, so he decides to try and talk to me, but I quickly inform him I’m a guy. He then stops talking to me, but then I enter chat again and he tries to because I start to ignore him. He also posted in the useless fact thread, “I hate the Simpsons” – Utter pathetic.
I tried catching him out by finding posts that would show him acting wrong. Calling someone a douche & saying about feeling kinky; I guess you just think he’s being “funny”.
Well continue to follow his continuous flirting with Knox. Hopefully he slips up and shows his other side.

I guess i overacted yesterday, but i felt like i had every right to. It's called having a panic attack is it not? Or did you's fail to realize how serious my suicidal is? I use online to make friends.


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what's TTL?
I hope you don't have any problems like that here with bullying but if you do talk to admins before it gets out of hand ok


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hey hun im sorry that people there werent supportive to you when you needed it ....its a shame that they banned you but at least you still have us ! you can pm me anytime xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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sorry you got banned from TTL ive been there they closed threads of mine because people were getting their real feelings out things like how you feeling today !!!!
thats why i stay here its honest interaction with real people in the same situation i also had other probs with people copying other peoples threads between the two sites.youre much better off here on sf hope you stick around xx


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I wish i could thank you all individually but i'm pretty lazy xD.
I'll try and get involved here too. I have noticed people give great advice here & usually instant advice. I went there as it was less people. Nothing against this forum, but when 5 others say very similar things it's difficult to add on top of that, ha.
Thanks all :stars:
I'm permanently banned from Wikipedia just because my ex-boyfriend (who I know in real life, don't worry) was friends with an administrator on there and claimed that I stalked him because we liked the same TV shows and edited some of the same articles. I would make another account and edit articles on TV shows I liked that he didn't like, but he would find my username and still report me, and I would get blocked for "sockpuppetry", even though you are supposedly allowed to make another account per CLEANSTART, which I followed. I argued this but they just told me to shut up and banned me. Anyway, I now use www.answers.com which links off of Wikipedia but you can't edit the articles on there and they provide many sources, so I don't care, at least if in Google something that I'm searching shows up as a Wikipedia article I'll just go to www.answers.com


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Im sorry you got banned seems they might have overreacted. But sf have a wonderful caring bunch of people that would more than happy talk to you

Keep safe :hug:


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You have been banned for the following reason:
your case is under review, for the meentime you are banned from the forums for rude, offencive posts aimed at other members

Date the ban will be lifted: Never
o.0 I'll make sure not to return if that's how their staff is handling things. :/


As a member of TTL who was banned for a week, (they did it for my own good) lol, I know what it feels like to be banned. It sucks. It hurts, a lot.

But here's the thing, you still have us here at SF. This site has a lot of comaraderie here, even if they never caught on to the daily cafe threads.

And here, you can pretty much speak your mind.
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