I was raped by my football coach.

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    I have never talked about this before. But when I was a junior in highschool my coach raped me. I was the alst person in the locker room because coach Wilson made me stay late so I could help him put away all of the gear to pack up fr the weekend. Then I walked into the locker room and stripped down to take my shower, and to my surprise so did he, which he rarley does. It was very awkward and it seemed like he was watching me.

    I walked into the shower and didn't really talk to him, we were just bathing, and I tried to hide myself out of his view with my towell but he was very persistant. And he still looked at me, and I finally gained the courage to say "What are you looking at coach?" And he dropped his towell onto the wet shower floor and exposed himself naked to me.

    I avoided looking at his privates ebcause I didn't want to le him know that I was a bisexual, I wanted to hide that secret inside of me forever. But I couldn't resist, I always wanted to know waht he looked like naked, he was a very handsome man, was unmarried, which I can see why, and he was about 6'2" and very muscular. My eyes move from his hair chest to his flat stomach down to his manhood. And I said "I gotta go coach, and I stormed out of the shower, got dressed and grabbed my bookbag, And when I walked over to the door tog et out, it was locked.

    "Hey coach can you unlock the door so I can get out?" I said, trying to act like nothing happened. I waited for what seemed to be an eternity and I finally got a response. "In about 30 minutes I will." My heart must have stopped, because I could tell what he was trying to imply, that he wanted to do something to me, and didn't want to. He walked out with a knife, still naked and dripping wet, and told me that we were going to either have a little fun, or a little pain. I didn't want to die, and I just started to cry, and I was prayingt o god in my head that I wouldn't die.

    He told me to stroke his manhood, so I did, He told me to kiss it so I did, and then he told me to "suck him dry" so I did. When he blew his load he told me that if I told anyone, ever, that he would kill me. He unlocked the door and said "See you at practice next monday Mitch!" With an enthuiastic face, pretending nothing ever happened. I didn't reply and I jogged to my car, and drove home, To this day, five years later, I have never told a soul, and I never will go to the police about this. I lost my virginity to rape, and it was a rape from a man.

    The only benefit I got from this was that I am not full blown straight and men absolutley discust me.
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