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I watched Gentleman Jack and I am Depressed

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Quick summary of the show: Its about the life of Anne Lister a land owner form the 1800`s, the show is based off of her diaries, and letters and some other information that exists about her and her life (yes, she was a real person). She was a lesbian who "openly" lived her life style, but her life because of that, and her strong (and sometimes seen as masculine ) personality, she suffered a lot, and had a difficult life, but never let that stop her, and as she sais, "I rise above it", " its become second nature to me, to ignore the laughts, the comments and the stares".

I really loved the show, and I loved her, and I went to searchmore about her online, and the show is very well researched, and I really enjoied watching it, even as certain thing broke my heart, the problem is, I have finished the first season, the next one only comes out on 2021, but now I find myself constantly thinking about it (the show and Anne Lister), and I feel (I don´t know why) more depressed and saddened, and I feel empty inside, and I don´t understand why? is it because it was sad? I tryed thinking of the positive parts, and focusing on them, and even after I convinced myself that she died happily and lived a good life, I still felt the same...

so Why do I still feel empty? (Someone suggested that it has noting to do with the show, but I don´t know if I agree) and
Why do I think about it so much? I can´t spend an enteire hour without think about her, her life, and the show, ( I see her "face", and scenes from the show).
Why do I feel like shit?
What is wrong with me?
One problem might be that spending a lot of time sitting watching anything can make you feel worse.

It sounds though like maybe the main thing may be that Anne Lister's world is one in which she is surrounded by enemies. Since the show has captured your imagination, and you feel sympathetic toward her, it makes you internalize the stresses experienced by the character.

I'm not sure why you are so fascinated with her or the show.

Do you think you can remind yourself that thinking about the show is not good for you? Maybe that way you'd be able to turn your attention elsewhere.

Doing a meditation practice, or finding something else to turn your attention to might help.
I just liked her, its difficult for me to like anyone, maybe, maybe that is it, she was realy fast paced, the hole show was realy fast paced, maybe its is that, maybe I am subconciestly imitating that
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