I went to get the needle

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    I went to get the needle done for my two little kids today and one didn’t do it because he is so scared of needle and my baby girl got her needle done and she was scared to but she got it done she so good to get it because she is 5 year old and she has to get other needle in 4 week again the same needle. I hope she ok because she is sleeping now she had it at 12pm and she has been sleep for 1 hour now and I hope there nothing wrong with her I will have to check on my daughter soon and I will take her to the hospital today if she had something wrong with her from the needle. There were other there today had these thing wrong with after they had the needle and she is sleep after it but have her with me in her room in her own bed but if there is something wrong with I will take her there by the ambulance but I don’t till I check and do if there is something take her and brother with me there. There nothing wrong with her just need a sleep she is walking round the house now I am so glad there nothing wrong with her. But her brother didn’t do it at all because he has a handicap and ADHA problem so that why he didn’t do it.
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    I am glad you are taking such good care of your children they are lucky to have such a good mom.
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    aww kids are so small, they need more sleep than we do...my friend's son got his needles and afterwards he had a little fever which is normal because they inject foreign viruses into the body and so the body need to adjust to them...so sleeping is good...no worries :)

    you are a great mom!:hugtackles: