I Whisper My Secret

Discussion in 'Rape and Abuse' started by sweetwhisper, Dec 8, 2013.

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    A secret sealed
    for 4 long years
    in silence I suffer
    shedding tears,
    Never ever
    have I spoken of this
    I cry and shield
    behind a fake bliss,
    once by 3 strangers
    which the world knows
    but the first assault
    is an unknown prose,
    I whisper this secret
    for the first time
    he's regrettably free
    from a horrific crime,
    the pain and the ache
    the wounds not healed
    he stabbed my heart
    but the crime just sealed,
    he spoke of his affection
    my feelings weren't mutual
    so was it revenge
    from me being truthful,
    being punished
    for the secret I hold
    fear and anxiety
    before I'd unfold,
    I fought and fought
    it wasn't enough
    I was too weak
    not so tough,
    the marks he leave
    are sore & unseen
    I was only young
    a vulnerable teen,
    blood was pouring
    leaving me scarred
    always in mind
    discarding it is hard,
    but this secret I whisper
    is between you and me
    and only a secret
    forever it'll be.
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Not open for further replies.