I will actually miss her

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    Leaving town in a few days. I have been thinking about my childhood and my past a lot. Many of my posts are about arguments with my mom. Really, there have been sooo many hard times. She just doesn't understand sometimes.

    When I fight with her, it drives me crazy because she is one of the only people I have in Chicago. Really, my mom has her problems and we have our differences but at the end of the day, she is my mother and I will miss her. I like to think of when I was a little girl and I thought she was soooo beautiful and perfect. I hope my mom and I can be closer now that I will be away and maybe this can make a way for some healing and dare I say it... positive change! Hopefully, she can find some happiness and self discovery and stop being soooo angry.

    Hugs to everybody on here :)
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    aaww i am sure your mom will miss you too. sometimes its easy to see things from one direction and it can warp our perception, before you leave, write your mom a note telling her how you feel, that you love her etc...and leave it for her to read when you have gone. i am sure she will appreciate it.

    everyone will have fights with parents, its part of growing up, i regret many a fight, but i love my mom and i know she loves me.

    how far from home are you moving? good luck :hug: