I will always be alone

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    I will always be alone. 5 years divorced and my ex has his second gf. I have only one date in that time frame and that was with a guy who eventually became a stalker. I'm feeling like a failure in life. There has to be something wrong with me. I go out and do thing, meet people and go places. I have no one. No companion, few friends. But no one to have a romantic relationship with . When my daughter gets married I will be the odd person out. Maybe I won't be alive then. That gives me a few years; maybe 2 at the most. I feel sad and resentful and want to cry in despair.
    My daughter says its because I am fat and I have short hair that I can't attract anyone. In that case I should give up since I've been trying to diet and do exercise for several years to no avail. The hair turns grey when it is long which maybe I should dye it.but it is normal colored when short. Besides I've seen other women who are fat and grey get new companions. What is wrong with me?
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    I would suggest cymbele, it's the negative self-talk that's going on within your thinking. I have the same problem, and I am sure that many, many countless other human beings have the same issue - but that others are better able to mask it or medicate it, or are just happy to go-with-the-flow without at least trying to do something about it. What we tell ourselves is actually vital to the way we feel about all the things that matter - ourselves, our life, our past, our future etc. The other thing about it is, that there is no one who can reach inside our head and flick a switch to change it for us, but this is actually very empowering because it means we don't become dependent upon the opinions of others or spend our time looking for a knight on a white horse - we can learn how to become master/mistress of our own (altered) destiny, once we embrace this belief that it's possible to learn how to.
    I can PM you details of a mentor/counsellor who teaches this stuff, if you like - you can watch him for free on his website :)