I will be free!

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    Looking into the sky
    Holding up a face of content
    While your mind circles about
    Just hoping she payed your rent

    Holding close to nothing
    Waiting for an end
    Bring down the truths
    And a new life I begin

    Wasted away so many years
    Holding on to your lies
    Now I'm ready to begin
    My life in my own eyes

    I want to be so much better then you
    I want to do what I know is right
    And so I have decided
    I wont give up the fight!

    I'm going to make my life much more
    Then standing here beaten and alone
    Because I deserve much better that that
    And I'm moving from where I once stood

    So I say goodbye to you family
    For I cannot let you ruin me
    I am my own person
    Cant you see?

    I'm not your toy anymore
    So let me be
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.