I will miss my DAD!!!

Discussion in 'Grief and Bereavement' started by gr8tdls4u, Jun 13, 2007.

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    My father commited suicide a few days ago. He was 59yrs old and raised us 3 kids on his own. I am now 34yrs old the oldest. My father used to be happy man and he said he lost hope and his mankind. I wish he wasnt selfish and come talk to family or friends. He always talked to me and told me how crappy he felt everyday and i would try and cheer him up or give advice ,,but guess...i dont know!!! I just started doing well for my self and a business on the way..now this. I cant even think straight. What is really hard is that my dad lived 4 streets over from me in the same city, and we always saw each other. He used to joke around for YEARS how if he were ever to kill himself he would use the Gloc,,like that was funny. Years later he actually did!!My whole life he would joke about suicide here and there but never thought it would come to this. I am so numb!! I keep pinching myself. I dont know why im posting on here. Maybe would help to talk too someone who lost their father. I just hope my dad is happy now! I wanna move on , but it is so hard. I keep thinking of him every minute threw the day and cant function. Any one also know any good remedies in coping with something like this?

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    Hello & welcome to Sf, I am so sorry for the loss you have suffered, I am glad you have found Sf and I hope that we can help you through this awful time.
    Please accept my sympathy, my heart goes out to you and if you ever want to talk just send me a pm.
    The forum are a great place to post your feelings and if you feel up to it you might like to try our chatroom.

    Take care Hazel x