I wish I could understand...

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  1. RainbowChaser

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    There are lots of things I wish I could just understand.

    Firstly, when did I get so easily scared? Right now, two of the highest mods are in chat and I still daren't go in - all because of one bad experience. Well, one bad experience and a possible near repetition of same event just last night*. I'm scared of guys flirting with me and pushing me to do things I really don't want to do (and don't say this can't happen over the net - it's already happened to me once before and has affected me pretty badly). If all you go in chat for is to flirt with girls, then find a different chatroom, I know loads of places where that's all they do in chat (and one guy admitted that to me that he was just there to flirt last night, and he said that that was why he kept asking everyone if they were a girl or not (and it did seem that this person was ignoring all the lads in chat, but I thought it was just my immagination before he said that)). Did this person not think that some of the girls here might not really want to talk to guys for more serious reasons? I don't necessarily want to talk to guys in chat, and my experiences are pretty tame compared to other people's (not to mention that I would have missed out on some great friends if I had refused to talk to people based on gender).

    And now, one thing that was making me feel comfortable about chat has been taken away from me... And I don't feel strong enough to go back in there to find something to replace it...

    I mean, just *grrrrrrrrrr*...

    *Thanks to everyone who supported me through that part of last night, even the ones who felt they could do nothing - and extra thanks go to the guy who got this guy's attention away from me by pretending to be a girl - you know who you are and you're a livesaver! :hug:
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    Aww :hug: fuck them, who shall I spank for you. Sorry >.< Just ignore those people, give it some time, try to log in, you dont have to say a thing. But just get used to it again. Give it an other change, because you know not everyone is like that. I know you can do it hun. I dont know what kind of a bad experience you had with the mods. But they can help you with that stuff. They are really sweet and understanding. Maybe have a little talk with one of them?? I dont know what you can do. I'm sorry for you about what happened, can understand how you're feeling? Tho I know I can be a big flirt >.< If I can do something for you, I gladly am availeble to help you. Maybe it helps if you ask someone you like to talk to, goes into chat too? I dunno >.< Hope you will find it out
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    I'm sorry you don't feel that you can come back into chat Sammie ...

    The Adult Related Channel room has been deleted now, and sexual banter is not allowed in chat now.

    I hope you do decide to come back in as it was good having you around :)

    If you feel like you can, you can always PM me if you need a chat :)

    Take care hun :hug:

  4. RainbowChaser

    RainbowChaser Well-Known Member

    True, but the guy who said he was only there to flirt said that after the adult room was deleted, so I can't honestly say it makes me feel any better. Sorry :hug:
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  5. RainbowChaser

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    Heh, turns out I can't right now. I've spent the last couple of hours doing my best to, but everytime I try I stop myself :(
  6. RainbowChaser

    RainbowChaser Well-Known Member

    I have nothing against any of the people on the "Who's Chatting" list atm... okay, so maybe one of them has something against me, but that's out of 13 people... So why can't I do this? *hits self*
  7. mortdesinos

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    Please don't give yourself such a hard time. As I said before, remind yourself that other people's actions reflect upon themselves and not you. I understand it is frustrating to have someone treat you with disrespect, but the answer is to stop talking him and block him out of your mind. You are the most important person to yourself, so you deserve to treat yourself as such. If you need to judge people and use some discretion in the process, so be it! It is worth it to stand up for yourself. You are so very nice, but sometimes you need to be a little stern as well in order to get what you want.

    Feel free to pm me or e-mail me any time, and I look forward to possibly seeing you in the chat sometime.