I Wish I Knew

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by DrCynic, Oct 28, 2008.

  1. DrCynic

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    I wish I knew what it was about me that was so undesirable. I have a job that brings in good money. I have a nice apartment. I'm not in debt. Usually I'm pretty happy-go-lucky... I just don't get it... It's the main cause for the depression I've had... I meet lots of girls... None of them want to be any more than my friend, or feel sorry for me. I think I deserve better than that.
  2. aoeu

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    There's a common feeling on this board. You might be intimidating, dark - or you may be warm, comforting. I've been interpreted as both of those, and women tend to be either frightened by me or just want to cuddle up and receive emotional support when their boyfriends fuck them up [or even rape them!]
  3. DrCynic

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    It's not about sex or rape or anything... I am interested in a real relationship. I am a virgin, so sex is merely just something to fantasize about for me. I'm large, but I'm not intimidating, I don't think. I've thought about putting my picture up on my profile. They don't want to cuddle up to me either... They want my advice. They want my friendship.
  4. Terry

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    That can be a good start tho, really getting to know someone as a person rather than as a potential mate; and who knows friendships have been known to blossom to deeper and more intimate relationships.