i wish i were dead

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I wish i were dead. I wish I were dead. I wish I were dead. There's no one to talk to. No one to care. No one to trust. I just want sleep and silence and peace and to feel that I am Ok. To not hate myself. :lost: :hiding: I'm being used and I know it. It's blatant. It isn't even subtle. And I'm not blinded by emotion. If I were dead it wouldn't matter. I clearly can't cope. Clearly will never be normal. I wish I had enough passion to kill myself. Or enough discipline to stop eating so I could lose weight. Or enough discipline and self-worth to say STOP.
PM me too. I have a voice which is crying to me to not do it. I dont want to listen to it, but its there. If you have one too, then please, please PM me. I admit I too want an end, but only to the pain, not to life. If I could be happy I would choose life. If.

Get in touch, who knows what the smallest stone clipping your wheel can bring about.

Life is strange, painful and at times empty, but you never know.

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