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I wish I were dead

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Nothing is holding me back here. No friends no family no boyfriend. NO one! I have nobody. I feel like such a loser at life. I am a loser at life. I want to be dead. If there is a god he created me as a joke. I feel like nothing but a big fat fucking joke. I hate life. All life ever did was laugh at me. i hate when people laugh at me. Thats all anyone ever did was talk about me or laugh at me. But why?!!? Why am I so different? I have nobody to understand me. Tell me I am not alone. But I'd never wish this pain on anyone NOT even my worst enemy. But then again the only enemy I have is life itself. Heaven have mercy!:i'm sorry: for wasting your time. And I am sorry for wasting everyones precious time. I am just a waste...


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You're not a waste of space to me. I'm glad you're here and I want you to stay. I feel alone too.

There is you and there is me. The two of us together = not alone anymore.

Let's work with that and see where it takes us!


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Britt, I am sorry people hurt you like that. It sounds very painful to feel so alone. No one deserves to be treated like that. I am here if you want someone to listen. It must hurt like hell.

take care

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