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i wish...

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that I'm not so tired

That it would rain so that we're not in drought

and so all my friends on tank water dont have to pay an arm and a leg to cart water in

that it isnt summer, so that
a) its a bit longer before we go away
b) so i dont have to be so careful about scars
c) i dont keep getting migranes

That i can actually WRITE readable kanji :mad:

that it will rain.............. i already said that... but oh well
and also that i'm not dead tired... but i've said that one too


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We've had rain non bloody stop here..extensive flooding everywhere...will send clouds to you ....please submit forwarding address :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
Aww, I am sorry hun. Things do have to get better sooner or later. Just remember that you are a good person and you are much stronger than you know. I am sorry there is so much stress and disappointment in your home. I know the situation has to be awful. Just breathe deep. And make a lidt of things you "like" or are "interested" in... might help you focus on you and a little bit of who you are and good things to focus on. Take care of yourself, and you have my MSN... drop me a message sometime! :hug: :hug: :hug:
Thanks you guys... I'm still tired lol... its still summer, it still hasnt rained!! -scowls- my kanji stinks hahaha and my friends are all still poor and the prices of food and fuel have freaking SKYROCKETED, but it might be just where i live. :dry:

But I cant wish for too much lol and its only been a day... I can still dream ^^




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I wish it would always snow ^_^ cause snow is fun.

I hate the summer it is too hot and there are naked people everywhere... well psuedo-naked people anyway. Lucky it is winter here.. not to brag.

At least you can read Kanji I cannot even read or speak the language in general. But what makes a dream a dream is the fact that we cannot have it.
Late late reply.... but I guess I'm better.... its so funny... I come back and it has not rained a SINGLE drop where we live in two weeks... but I guess we'll still survive without as much water.

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