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    I didn't have family, because right now they're the only reason I exist. Otherwise I'd be quite content with ending this life right now. I've suddenly realised I don't care about dying. I want to die, it's the easy solution to this shit world. I don't care what it'll do to people except my family, even if they don't give a shit about me. But my "friends" probably couldn't care less.. I truly don't care. If someone dies they'll just be like oh, & get over it. That doesn't matter one bit to me. My pets aren't really gonna notice. Though if I could I'd miss them when I was dead, but I'm gonna die one day anyway. I'm a part of this family though & dying is going to do something to them. I wish I had no-one so I could get it over & done with right now. I actually look forward to it. I want it to be quick & sudden. I hope I just get hit by a bus or something, so I won't even notice.
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