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  1. some month ago i swallowed a couple of pieces of glass (i know that's just a weird method, but i was in hospital and it was all i had atm) and then i wrote some goodbye letters for my friends and family, and then went to bed (it was evening) and i felt so calm and satisfied, knowing now i jsut had to fall a sleep then i wouldn't have to ever get up again.
    but, in the morning, an irritating personnelwoman wakes me up :mad:
    first i was just like "leave me alone, i'm tired....." but then i freaked, when i realised i was alive :laugh: i yelled at her more than i usually do, she got a bit pissed off because she hadn't been doing something esp stupid, she just got the blame for waking me up, just like i would die if she wouldn't have awaken me........ :rolleyes:
    now, the weird thing is, i did not die, and i just had a bad breath smelling a little of blood the following day and a little little pain in my stomach.............. that was my third suicide attempt, and i still can't get how i could survive :dry:
    i wish i wouldn't have survived. it's just that, now i can't kill myself cause the one finding me would be my mom :mellow:
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    Maybe surviving those three suicide attempts is God's way of showing you that you're not meant to die like this. Please stop trying to kill yourself. Talk to us about what is bothering you.
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    I have swallowed pieces of razor on a few occasions and at the same time as overdoses. They didn;t do a thing. I was hoping would cause internal bleeding that they wouldnt be able to fix but no they didn't. I sort of hoped for the same thing as you but I was also told that is not a good way as would be very painful and drawn out.

    I have these weird feelings. At time the one thing that I am really scarde of is death although inevitable as it happens to everyone yet at other times it is what I would welcome most. I thinkabout my previous attempts... must be 5 or 6 now and at the time when I have attempted i am not scarde. I hve layed in bed at night wishing that I will not wake up in the morning as though some sudden death would pounce up on me for no reason. Again nothing.

    If you have good days or hours hang on to them.

    It's weird, I can give advice maybe I should take heed and listen to my own!
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    Maybe the flying spaghetti monster used his noodly appendages to save him.

    Anyways, to answer your question of how you didn't survive, you already answered earlier. It was all you had, and thus you had no time to really research and properly plan out your method.
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