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I would do anything

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by twc, Jun 8, 2010.

  1. twc

    twc Well-Known Member

    to feel like I used to feel.

    Even when things were at their worst, I could still feel so much. Not anymore.
  2. itmahanh

    itmahanh Senior Member & Antiquities Friend

    I was about to say I know how you feel. But I know how it feels to not feel. Blah!!! How about if I offer I understand....:arms:
  3. bluegrey

    bluegrey Antiquities Friend

    I am experiencing this. Years ago in my deepest depressions I still was able to get out for a walk or a bike ride and experience my surroundings- the critters in a nature preserve, the odors and colors of a season, the daytime and the night sky.

    Now in my depressions I still try to wander off the pain but I hardly know what is going on around me.
  4. twc

    twc Well-Known Member


    I would be miserable, if I could really feel miserable, but this is worse.
  5. stuckinchicago6

    stuckinchicago6 Well-Known Member

    The only time I feel now is when I feel like complete shit. Sorry to hear you are not good. All I can say is that life truly sucks sometimes and people easily make it worse. If I can go back to a happy yesterday, I think i would give everything I own with no regrets.
  6. twc

    twc Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I think about that way too much.
  7. twc

    twc Well-Known Member

    Yeah, everything seems different than a few years ago. I feel more like a shell person.