I would like some advice with my friend.

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    My best friend has been going through a tough time the past year, I would like to keep it all anonymous so I will call her Sally.

    Last year Sally was the very unfortunate victim of rape, and not long after had tried to kill herself several times. She has been trying to not let it affect her, but sometimes it is unavoidable and depression and suicidal thoughts are triggered by very small things. She did go to therapy for a while but it didn't work very well, and she had different therapists each week and after one incident of her over hearing someone else in therapy while in the waiting room, she decided she didn't want to go anymore. She has had her ups and downs all year, but never really talks about it to me, I lived with her for a year but now we have moved back home. The past few days she has been feeling like she is fighting a losing battle, and is constantly having suicidal thoughts again, she says she won't, but just wants to be happy again and can't stop the thoughts.

    I myself have not dealt with anything like this since living with her, and its got to a point where I'm worried she may not recover on her own, and I'm struggling to try and help.

    I'm not expecting a quick fix, but i tell Sally all the time i'm here for her if she needs me, but she tries to keep me out of it as she doesn't want to be a burden or to worry me.

    If anyone here has been through this sort of situation before and could give me advice that I can use or pass on to Sally it would be fantastic, with regards to where we can go for professional help, as I sometimes worry we are running out of time to help.
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    Hi RequireHelp,

    Welcome to the forum. It might worth searching on the subject mentioned. Past posts might help. All you currently do is to support your friend in her crisis. The key thing is support her through her hard time. She needs you support 24/7 for a long period of time. It has and going to be tough for a period of time. Just keep supporting her and I suggest that Sally joins this forum to express her feelings. No one will be judgemental but will provide her support and care as she requires. Pouring out her emotions will help her in current crisis. Take care and hope post helps you and Sally.
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