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I would like to discuss my sexual orientation

Discussion in 'Family, Friends and Relationships' started by KC1985, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. KC1985

    KC1985 Member

    I dont post on this board much so I think the correct warning is may trigger and contain sexual content but not sure.

    Ok, so I think im straight, but could be bi but I really was hoping I could use this forum to think about this deeper and contemplate my sexual orientation.
    So anyway this is my cause for confusion, and this is all true.

    Im very very shy.social interations scare me of all kinds and I have little to know confidence. I am quite confident the my original sexual orientation was for girls who made me generally more nervous than talking to guys but both sexes made me nervous talking to I had two close friends when i went to school in one state and when i moved my junior year in high school I had no friends. So when i graduated high school on the last day of high school everyone who graduated was outside in a barbeque/ party type atmosphere. I tried to ask one person I kind of knew to sign my yearbook but couldnt get the words out so no one signed my year book. I graduated high school and attended college. When i was very young i was too scared to talk to people so instead of riding the bus my mom would drive me to school. but ok so back to college. I failed out the first year and spent a lot of time doing nothing. I would walk alone around at night. I would drink alone. I would look to picture of naked guys on the internet. I started to pretend to be a girl online and sometimes a gay guy. I was very onvolved in this and enjoyed getting attention from guys on the internet. by pretending to be a girl, guys would actually talk to you and have normal conversations and pay attention to your problems so that's what I got out of it. when i was 22 i even met a guy on a forum I talked to as a gay guy and had sex with him. I am now 27 and alone and have never had sex except for that one time with a guy. despite all this im pretty sure that im striaght because in general I find myself more sexually attracted to girls, but more romantically attracted to guys. I was hoping in the future I could tlak more about thisproblem here because obviously I have no one tot alk to about it and its importnat to me.
  2. KC1985

    KC1985 Member

    : ( i really wanted to talk about this. o well
  3. Crue-K

    Crue-K Well-Known Member

    Sexual orientation can be confusing at the best of times and does affect al spectrums of age and gender. It is all to easy tho think that finding a label for yourself can address issues that you may have. There is a wealth of information about understanding orientation but ultimately it all boils down to what makes you comfortable. The psychology of LGBT is not an easy subject to research, however you may find this online test useful as a staring point for you to discover who/what you are.