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I would rather kill myself than to deal with my mother, and bastard father!

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This morning, I was just getting ready to go to the theatres too see a movie with my friend, and my bitchy mother decided to give me an attitude yelling at me since I got up out of my f****** bed, I do not f****** get why my mother decided to yell at me, yes, I realize that yesterday I gave her pressure, and I tried to apologize to her for it, but she won't f****** listen to me!!! I almost puked into the toilet this morning, because of the way my parents treat me, I tried to explain to my bastard father that my mother was having an attiude with me, and I don't f****** know why, and my dad was being completely unreasonable, I talk to him in a calm matter, and EVEN when I tried to tell that son of a f***** bitch that I did nothing that will inflict harm to her, and was wondering why she was like this to me, my father decided to get an attitude with me, and just f*** off, and he did not even listen to a thing I said, I just want to kill myself now, I looked for pro-suicide sites, and failed to find one, I just do not know to do anymore, I would rather kill myself, than to deal with these knock offs!


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He is about 15 I'm pretty sure and I'm glad to see you back here DosFreak.
Seems as though the entire world is against you isn't it? From your parents to your sister to everyone at school. :sad:
That really does have to be a tough existence and lots of people in that situation have commited suicide. :sad:
Not meaning to say that you should though, you are facing a lot and I'm not quite sure what to say. Most people would just tell you to stick through it and that things will get better after you get out of public school, get a job, be on your own and follow your dreams without being bothered by these assholes that torment you every day right now.
I do hope that things get better, you do not deserve any of this shit, its a real shame and I'm really sorry.


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Thank you very much, nkrukato, and I hope things get better for you!
I am doing better, now that I had a really good time with my friend, away from my parents, I wish I had more times like this...


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sounds pretty much like my case with the only difference being that its not just a pair of parents with me its the entire family sisters bros in law othe relatives and the unscrupulous elements in teh society. I thought it only happens in cramped up countries like pakistan its strange that the phenomenon is universal in nature may be it needs some socio political probing for better understanding

my hunch is that the things are connected at a much grand scale
its a scheme that crosses across countries a d cultures

as for religion believe me most religion in good

its just that some very very cunning and evil folks who hide their true hideous faces behing the veil of religion very craftily use or rather abuse the ideals of religion like ethics and morality against the true clean hearted people because they actually have respect for moral values so they exploit that reverence and use it to force the victims to accpet their treachery


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Well, guess what? Another friendship has been blown up into bits...
I have been friends with Christopher since 2001, and has been great until now, I really think that I should kill myself with a gun, or with a big knife.
I finally found a site that mentions a very good method to kill myself, I shall slash thy throat, and die.... Shall I do this?


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Ok, if you would like to do a chat call 214-329-9102, I am going through alot right now, I just had a friendship blown up into pieces, and I am always lonely... I am not sure about what to do anymore...


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its actually quite hard to slash your own throat to the point of death . The willpower it takes to keep cutting despite the pain is immense. In fact the vast majority who try it this way just end up not being able to go through with it. and even if you do manage to make a deep incision it still is definately not guaranteed. No, its a very messy, hard, and non favourable method.
but, you probably shouldnt try to kill yourself anyway. although i am quite the hypocrite to be saying that.
Hi Dos
Sorry to read I'm SO very sorry you are going through this, my own child hood was not good and all i can say is if you can hold on it won't belong before you have the chance to be the person you want to be and you will be able to view life as you wish it to be.

When you live with people like your parents the way they treat you molds your own personality and can make changes that would not normally be the person who you are.

you are lucky to still be young enough to see this and to stop them leaving their ways in your path.

Try as much as you can when they start on you, to see them hear them but let it go in your ears and run down and drip off your shoulders their comments have no place in your mind and you have to keep space in there for you.

they are not shouting at you they are shouting at their own frustrations and ignorance, they are not clever enough to know how else to do it.

Where as you will be and you will understand people who you will meet in life who have been through the same as you have, you will be able to use what you have been through to help others.

If you are 15 you have come so far and the road to being your own person is closer than the road back. you've come to far to give up now Hun.



The biggest loser ever to live.
DosFreak, is that number you listed like your cell phone or home phone? I dunno, it'd be awkward if I ended up talking to your parents or sister and they'll be like "Who the **** is this!?" you know?
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