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    Oh well, so I guess I am just feeling lonely
    Passing through another day; feeling gloomy
    Nonetheless, I don't think I will be crying
    Doesn't matter at all, cause it will be ending
    Nothing too weird, I'll put on a masquerade
    Just a fake smile, to mask away my heartache

    It's not that bad, at least I still look happy
    Well, good enough no one knows I'm gloomy
    Don't lie to me; just tell me that I'm pathetic
    Don't need to pretend no more; I am not sick
    And maybe it is really not so bad, to be alone
    I guess it's just fine; me and my lonely phone

    Maybe, just maybe, suffering can be beautiful?
    All in all, I don't know much, I'm just a fool
    I don't understand, why do I still give a damn
    I'm worthless, ain't nothing, just a broken man
    And I guess I should just forget about dreams
    I'm a loser; wishing on stars that never gleams

    Perhaps I am too tired of grieving all the time
    I guess to breath and to live, must be my crime
    Cruel reality have taken every piece of my pride
    Life has push me to just one ultimatum; suicide
    Hell, I suppose I just have to say my goodbye
    Nothing else matters now, its the moment to die
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