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    Let me light a candle, I think I've found God
    Leave me alone in the dark, and let me weep
    Don't speak to me of beliefs and false promises
    Everything is fine, let me taste the bitterness
    Guess its nothing so bad compare to my misery

    Let me utter my laments and despair in vain
    Let it be, my suffering will remain unheard
    This cold black cloud is crashing down on me
    Shadows leap, echoes howl in frantic madness
    The darkness is swirling in my head violently

    I guess I am wise, to speak of existentialism
    I'm young but even so, I could sing the blues
    I am no stranger to heartache, pain, sorrows
    I am bound in chains that will never break
    Guess I am at the end, no other comprehends

    It is the time to return to solitude and silence
    Maybe, it is where this old heart truly belong
    I guess I am incomplete, still I fear not death
    Nothing left to hope for, I won't see tomorrow
    I am shadow; no place for me in the holy light
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    I am crying alone under the pouring rain
    Shedding my tears, thats falling in vain
    Trying hard to hide, and ease my sorrows
    Unwilling to even think about tomorrow
    Trying to suppress these severe heartaches
    Struggling just to hang on for hope's sake
    I am standing shakily, on reality's edge
    Barely holding on to its crumbling ledge

    I fight, I bleed to save my fading sanity
    Still refusing to walk the road of enmity
    Tortured by the demons that lives within
    Succumbing deliberately is a mortal sin
    Strolling in midst of a cold dark night
    Wondering, if there is any hope in sight
    Listening, but still only silence is heard
    Nothing left to do, to succumb this hurt

    There is no crying shoulder I can lean on?
    Oh, I guess all the caring hearts are gone?
    Isn't someone, anyone trying to find me?
    Just a face in the shadowless crowd maybe?
    Is it sufficient, to have a heart that beats?
    Is it fair to bleed this way, just so I'll live?
    I guess the heavens can't hear my pleading?
    I guess angels didn't notice, I am crying?

    Maybe it is time, for me to say my goodbye?
    If you need to know this; its the time to die
    No, I can't believe, it have to be a bitter end
    Just too bad, I have always been condemned
    I can hear the morose echoes of a tolling bell
    Anyway, its alright, I've always been unwell
    Perhaps it is the moment I'll say my farewell
    This life is said; I'm descending down to hell
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    great poetry..