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I wrote an article


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I wrote an article and wanted to share it if that's ok.

It's on Medium under the pen name Tara Zoe Roshe. It's called The Four Things I Wanted to Hear Most When I Was Suicidal.

I hope you don't mind me sharing. I was going to post it in the section where people post poems and things, but then I thought that since it's an article about suicide, I could post it here- if not, feel free to move/delete the thread if another section is better.

I wrote it to show my loved ones what they can say that helps me when I feel suicidal. And maybe to give ideas to other people who have loved ones struggling with suicidal feelings of things they could say.

I just wanted to share and see if anyone could relate.


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I read your article, it was very good. I had never heard of "Medium" before. I doubt many people have. On a google search it was the second hit. I had to sign in using one of my google accounts and then do a search for your pen name. They will probably send me advertising via email now but when I get the first one I will just block them. I wish that all of my friends could read this article and take it to heart but my guess is if I posted it on Facebook nobody would read it.


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Wanted to like the brilliant article driectly on the site itself. The website wanted me to log in or create an account so I just came back on and wanted to say this article is share worthy! Agreed with all of it.


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Thanks so much for reading it. I really appreciate it!

Moses, I know that not enough people read articles on suicide and how to help people who are suicidal. I sent this to my closest friends so that they could know how to help me.

When I shared it on FB 2 people said that if they were suicidal they didn't think hearing those things would help them, but other people who struggle with suicidal feelings said it was accurate to them. The thing is, everyone is different, but I felt that some people could relate.

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