I wrote this poem *Trigger*

Discussion in 'Poet's Corner' started by Ter, Jan 14, 2007.

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  1. Ter

    Ter Guest

    Writing this made me feel better. I may not be a poet, but, what the heck:


    Gun in your hand
    noose on your neck
    palm full of pills
    think about us
    you think about us

    I need you to remember
    I know it's hard
    but picture my face
    feel our touch
    I need you to remember
    it means so much

    You don't see us now
    so let me show you how
    to see how we'll hurt
    and see how we'll cry
    see how
    something in us will die

    I'm the waitress you always get
    you're friend's best friend.
    children you could have
    and the lover you would kiss.

    Lonely, lonely world
    yours was the only smile I got
    on a dreary and bad day
    you entered my life
    but now you say
    that you just won't stay

    Your pen goes to move,
    on a bill of goods
    the worst sort of contract
    where we both stand to lose
    why go on, why go on
    how I want you live at dawn

    Death warrant, death warrant
    see my name upon it
    you put it there yourself,
    oh, how you forget
    by your smiling at me one day

    Did we ever really know you
    were the smiles for real
    the touches lies
    stop and think
    of how we'll all feel

    time to think
    to outlast the pain
    are you tough
    could you be strong
    there's nothing here to gain

    look at the barrel
    look at the noose
    touch them
    then picture this face
    use your imagination
    c'mon, picture my face

    Remember us
    and remember me
    because it feels

    as if she killed part of me.
  2. malek

    malek Well-Known Member

    you may not be a poem writing master but this is gold, i was fighting a tears all through it and it really reached me. may i print it?
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