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I'd give it to.........

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If you could give your mental illness to one person for
one day, would you, who would it be and why?

p.s. excuse my mulitple threads lately,
just questioning alot of things
To me it would be an infinite loop. When I gave my mental illness away, I would be sane and therefore realize that I have just did a terrible thing. As a result, I'll probably be mentally ill again...


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i like your multiple threads

Boo used to do that :sad:

great when one is in pain, helps a bit (at least during those times i am able to look at the screen with eyes open)


my head probs disappear when my pain is controlled...i would wish this on no living thing. Euthanasia please!!!
as long as it was just for one day (i'd feel too guilty otherwise) i'd give it to my dad. he thinks being on disability is just my way of being lazy. he doesn't get how sick i really am. maybe if he lived with these horrible feelings for a day he'd be more empathetic.


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i wouldnt give it to anyone, not even those who hurt me and continue to do so, why,,, because i wouldnt wish this on anyone no one....ever... i also love your multiple threads, theyre very comforting :hug:


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I wouldn't give this to anyone... Being isolated isn't easy to live with..There is just to much pain that goes along with it..


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i wouldn't give this to anyone...unless, they wanted it so that they can understand better...in that case, i would maybe think my therapist would like to try it out for a day...or, i would give it to my parents so that they would accept it and try to help me instead of making it worse...


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If you could give your mental illness to one person for
one day, would you, who would it be and why?

p.s. excuse my mulitple threads lately,
just questioning alot of things
When I used to suffer from bipolar and boarder line personality I would never consider giving it to anyone else. It was such a horrible experience, and it nearly drove me to kill myself on a daily basis. I don't think I could hate someone that much to want them to have it. JMPO. :)
I would be afraid of whoever I gave my issues to... there's a lot of hate and violence mixed in. I can control my actions, but could a normal person, who isn't used to that sort of thing, be able to? I can't know, and I won't find out.
So, I wouldn't. Not out of moral reasoning or anything, but out of self preservation.

I like this thought process... I'm going to definitely check your other posts now. ttyl? We'll see.


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I would give it to my stepdad. Not to punish him, but to help him understand what both my mom and I are going through.

I would normally say "I wouldn't wish it on anyone" but one day won't kill him.

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I'd like to give it to a friend of mine for a week, who thinks her life is tough because she hurt her arm. She has no idea of the pain I live with every day, physical and mental. I don't think she'd last the week.

Like plshelpme, I think my counsellor would love to experience what goes on in my head for a day. It would be useful for me too, because I have no way to explain it to him!

With regards to permanently palming it off on someone, it would be my father. He started it all, he should live with the consequences.



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You guys and gals are so nice and sweet, even though so many have caused you pain, you still dont want to hand it back for a day. Thats brave and a very human thing to do.

I on the other hand would hand it to some, lol: Im not so sweet and sometimes the lid comes off and spurts out the insides of me.

I would say to my mother, but I think she is living in her own misery as it is, I cant say my father-well cause hes already crazy, soooo

I would say my H, just so he would understand that you just cant get over it, its not something that passes or goes away, and that yes one minute I can be fine and the next I can be totally manic, thats the disease, but I would have to agree with yal on only for one day because I wouldnt wish this torture on anyone for the years Ive been fighting it, esp not the person thats been fighting it along side me.

I do love the thought of giving it to your therapist, that would a great learning experience for them.


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i wouldnt wish it on anyone, even those that i loath.
By giving it to them i would be no better than them, i dont want to be like that.


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Sometimes memories attack me hard and fast and relentlessly. My body gets tense and I want to scream and hit and scrawl my own skin to make it stop, I remember every detail like it was happening now, I relive it over and over and I'm so disgusted and ashamed that I am incapable of telling anyone about it, to even think of counselling makes me want to flee . No matter how many times it replays in my head I still cringe, I still feel so vile. I cannot move on because I simply cannot say the words.
I would give this to the person who made me feel this way. And he could keep it forever, not just for a day.


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I would give it to my ex BF, or ex husband, or my counselor...just so they could see what it's like to walk in my shoes
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